My smile is brilliant. My glance is tender. But I’m noted most for my unspoiled gender.

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#OVERJOYED  #i finally got administration to agree on little mermaid for our school play but it's a comedy and ariel ends up selling her boring boyfriend  #to become human  #and she is going to sing this right after she changes her mind about exchanging her voice and as she throws him into the ocean  #then high-fives ursula  #their only conditions are that I must change some of the lyrics and that the boyfriend needs to get out of the situation somehow  #YESSSSS  #going to spend the weekend forcing others to help me put together flowy mermaid skirts  #the dedication is real  #any lyrics or plot suggestions? 

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#reblogging because my apartment becomes a musical theatre every day as soon as the door shuts  #and it makes everything I do take unjustifiably longer 

Wolf Princess SAN Princess Mononoke

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